Hi I am using a Jqwidgets Grid to display my data. It has a build in possibility to use filters but if you filter your records on the server side you have to build your own query. As I am working with Linq I thought to use the Dynamic Linq Library for Asp net core. Problem is there are not many examples or explanations how to do this. But I am busy for days now and not getting very far.The way I am setup; I have a normal Linq query:

 var Mut = from M in _DB.Mutations
                  join S in _DB.Shifts on M.ShiftId equals S.ShiftId
                  join U in _DB.RoosterUsers on M.UserId equals U.RoosterUserId
                  join D in deps on M.UserId equals D.UserId
                  join DD in _DB.Departements on D.DepartementID equals DD.DepartementId
                  select new MutationModel
                      Naam=U.FirstName + " " + U.LastName,
                      Departement= DD.DepartementName,
                      MutationType = S.publicName,
                      MutationGroup = S.ShiftType.ToString(),
                      DateTot =M.DateTill,
                      Status=CreateStatus(M.Tentative, M.ApprovedOn, M.Processed, M.CancelRefId, M.Deleted)

This query is running OK and gives me all the data I need for the Grid.

Then for the filter I would like to add a dynamic Linq Query using the System.Linq.Dynamic.Core library But this is as far as I get things working until now:

var outQuery = Mut.Where("Status = @0 and UserId = @1", "Nieuw", "KLM22940").Select("Status");

My questions now : 1. In the where clause If I make the fieldname variable I get an error. how to do this?? 2. In the Select Clause, how to add multiple Columns? (actually I just like to output all columns.)

  1. Best would be to see an example. has somebody used Dynamic Linq to build a dynamic linq query for the JQWidgets Grid?

Thank you very much.

  • How are you attempting to make the fieldname variable? Show what you are trying. Anonymous objects are created with "new(field1, field2 as name2, field3)". See here. – NetMage Jan 16 '20 at 19:07
  • I did var outQuery = Mut.Where("@0 = @1","Status", "Nieuw") but this gives an error. – R. Warning Jan 16 '20 at 20:03
  • You need to do var f = "Status"; outQuery = Mut.Where($"{f} = @1", "Nieuw") - you can't use parameters for fieldnames. – NetMage Jan 16 '20 at 20:04
  • This ($"{f} = @0", "Nieuw") seems to work. But I do not understand what you are doing here. could you please explain what the $ is meaning here? – R. Warning Jan 16 '20 at 20:13
  • Yes this is working: var f = "Status"; var outQuery = Mut.Where($"{f} = @0", "Nieuw").Select("new(MutId, Naam, UserId, Status)"); I will continue with this tomorrow. thank you Ian for your help. – R. Warning Jan 16 '20 at 20:20

In what way you are trying to use fieldname variable in where clause ?

If you want to output all columns you can use ToList() like

var outQuery = Mut.Where("Status = @0 and UserId = @1", "Nieuw", "KLM22940").ToList();

If you want to get some specific columns you can use Select clause like this

var outQuery = Mut.Where("Status = @0 and UserId = @1", "Nieuw", "KLM22940").Select("new(Status,UserId )");

This Select clause creates data class which contains Status and UserId properties and returns a sequence of instances of that data class.

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