When using Win32 API, it's not really necessary to have a winmain entry point in order to create a window, because we can still call RegisterClassExW and CreateWindowExW, etc. I wonder if it's possible to do so as well in creating a C++/WinRT window, since almost every example on the Internet is using template projects.

I tried to create a struct which inherits implements<App, IFrameworkView, IFrameworkViewSource> with all necessary functions (Initialize, Uninitialize, Load, SetWindow, Run, etc.), then call CoreApplication::Run(winrt::make<App>()) inside int main(), but WinRT either complains about not having run init_apartment() beforehand, or shows a weird error as WinRT originate error - 0x80070057 : 'serverName' and that HRESULT is E_INVALIDARG, and that a hresult_invalid_argument(take_ownership_from_abi) is thrown. Plus, the source file created with template project doesn't even have to run init_apartment() first, which I couldn't really understand why.

Is it possible to create a C++/WinRT window from a console application? Thanks.

  • That appears to be possible. The XAML Hosting API sample might be a good starting point. – IInspectable Jan 18 at 13:46
  • When you say console application, does that mean your application runs without app container (no AppXManifest)? If so, you cannot use CoreApplication class at all - you should use Win32 equivalents. – Sunius Jan 23 at 23:16

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