I have a number like this.

const number = 123456789;

I'd like to split it like [1, 2345, 6789] or ['1','2345','6789'];

I've found match() with Regex.


It returns ['1234', '5678', '9']

It looks pretty well done, but It's a reversed result that I want.

so, I made a tricky flow for this.


So, Now I get ['9876','5432','1']

But it doesn't still being what I want.


Finally, I can get the result that I want.

But It looks pretty ugly and inefficient.

Even I think it shouldn't be used on the code.

So, my question is How can I split a number every nth position efficiently?


If you want to make the code shorter, match 1 to 4 characters while using negative lookahead for 0 or more groups of .{4}, followed by $ (the end of the string):

const number = 123456789;

But this requires, on every match, checking the number of characters from the match to the end of the string, which is an O(n ^ 2) process overall. To be more efficient, check the length of the string first, and use modulo to take as many characters as needed to make the remaining string have a length of a multiple of 4:

const str = String(123456789);
const index = str.length % 4;
const firstItem = str.slice(0, index);
const items = str.slice(index).match(/\d{4}/g);

This code is longer, but it runs in O(n).

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You could match by groups from 1 to 4 characters and take look forward to a group of four.

var number =  123456789,
    parts = number.toString().match(/.{1,4}(?=(.{4})*$)/g);


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To avoid splitting and reversing, another option might be to left-pad the number string until it is a multiple of the group size, match and trim back again:

>>> s.padStart(s.length + (4 - s.length % 4)).match(/(.{4})/g).map(s => s.trim())
[ '1', '2345', '6789' ]
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