I am using django-activity-stream to do my twitter clone for fun and sharpening my Django skills after daytime. Now I am using it to keep track the action in my system. I am tracking hidden and liked on the Tweet message

   ...:            target_content_type__id=tweet_ct.id).values_list('target_object_id', 'target_content_type', 'verb')
Out[37]: <GFKQuerySet [('1', 28, 'hidden'), ('1', 28, 'liked')]>

This is queryset that I feed the DjangoREST serializer to serialize out the response

hidden and liked pair is considered as annihilation case(Sorry I don't know the best term so I adopt Particle Physics term to programming) and I need blank queryset as an answer

Switch main model to one another and use reverse relation back to the problem

How can I make conditional query like annihilation pair use case?


Since you didn't mentioned any restrictions on performance, how about this:

hidden_actions = Action.objects.filter(actor_content_type__id=user_ct.id, target_content_type__id=tweet_ct.id, verb='hidden').values_list('target_object_id', flat=True)
like_actions = Action.objects.filter(actor_content_type__id=user_ct.id, target_content_type__id=tweet_ct.id, verb='liked').values_list('target_object_id', flat=True)
exclusion = set(hidden_actions) & set(like_actions)
user_action = Action.objects.filter(actor_content_type__id=user_ct.id, target_content_type__id=tweet_ct.id).exclude(target_object_id__in=exclusion).values_list('target_object_id', 'target_content_type', 'verb')

You'll then get in user_actions only thous that doesn't negate each other.

  • Please don't forget to vote the answer if it was usefull for you. – Charnel Jan 20 '20 at 12:18
  • @sarit can you add some more details? In 3rd line you get only items in both sets and next this items are excluded from user actions. – Charnel Jan 20 '20 at 20:19
  • Why this is true, it's semi-hard to guess at first attempt without knowing your models schema. I made changes to queries supposing that "target_object" will be the same for both actions. – Charnel Jan 21 '20 at 10:46

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