In javascript writing every time


looks too much time. Is there any way to short writing using vscode emmet. For example, I need to write

const demo = document.querySelector('.demo')

can I write like this

const{demo}=dq(.demo) // it'w wrong need right ans than Tab or enter.

than it will change

const demo = document.querySelector('.demo')


You could make a function (just once) that references querySelector:

const qs = selector => document.querySelector(selector);

Then, whenever you need to select an element, use


(qs is so short that there shouldn't be any need for autocomplete with tab and enter)

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You can do this pretty easily with a snippet (in one of your snippets files):

"doc.qs": {
  "prefix": "dq",
  "body": [

    "const ${1/[.#](.*)/$1/} = document.querySelector('$1')",

  "description": "doc.querySelector expander"

doc.querySelector snippet expander demo

Just dq (or whatever prefix you want), Tab, enter your selector and Tab again.

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  • tried not working, prntscr.com/qqnbiz is it wrong to put the code? – NIKHIL CHANDRA ROY Jan 21 at 9:04
  • 1
    the . inside [] has no special meaning, you don't have to escape it: [.#] also works – rioV8 Jan 21 at 12:40
  • @NIKHIL - it is a snippet, it doesn't go into your settings but into a snippet file. See code.visualstudio.com/docs/editor/… – Mark Jan 21 at 16:26
  • great, I use it in the settings, lol. actually I was no idea but now working your code, thanks for help – NIKHIL CHANDRA ROY Jan 21 at 16:46

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