I have iOS ver. 13.3 installed on my iPhone X. I also have an OpenVPN server configured at home that can be reached from the Internet. I also have the latest OpenVPN Connect app installed on my iPhone. When I open OpenVPN Connect application and click on the profile, I connect within a 2-3 seconds. This is all fine.

However, if I go to iPhone settings > VPN and change the status switch, the status immediately shows up as green (connected), even though it is not connected. When I open OpenVPN connect app, I see that it's trying to connect, but it fails. If I again request connection from within the app, it will connect properly.

This hasn't been like this before. The iOS VPN switch used to work. I have a feeling that it changed around iOS ver. 12, but I am not sure.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or has an idea how I can debug it/solve it?

  • Hi I have ovpn file, how can I use it for my iOS vpn app? – Kushal Maniyar Feb 6 at 10:43
  • import it using OpenVPN application. If you e.g. mail it to yourself (not secure), then you can click on ovpn file and use "Open with OpenVPN". Once done it will import your profile. – Michal B. Feb 7 at 11:21
  • 1
    Not a solution, but yes I have the exact same issues here with a brand new OpenVPN configuration. everything works 100% as I'd expect with the OpenVPN application, but the iOS Settings App 'vpn' button doesn't work at all. Looking at the server logs, there appears to be no attempt to connect at all. – Earlyflash Feb 11 at 23:14
  • @Earlyflash: Yes, I think something must have changed with the iOS update. Now the question is whether updating the OpenVPN app would solve the isse or this is something that Apple must address. – Michal B. Feb 12 at 6:15

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