I need to get the Screen Scale for the monitor my application is being displayed on. The multi-platform run-time TPlatFormServices has a service called IFMXScreenService that returns the Screen Scale (GetScreenScale).

The problem is it only returns it for the primary monitor. I need to get it for whichever monitor my application is being run on.

Below is my C++ code for getting the IFMXScreenService. How do I modify it to get the screen service for my active monitor?

if (TPlatformServices::Current->SupportsPlatformService(__uuidof(IFMXScreenService)) == true)
  pScreenService_ = TPlatformServices::Current->GetPlatformService(__uuidof(IFMXScreenService));
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    FireMonkey does not support what you are asking for. There is no per-monitor IFMXScreenService interface. You are going to have to use platform-specific APIs to get what you want. For instance, on Windows, getting the HWND of your FireMonkey Form from FMX.Platform.Win.FormToHWND() and then passing that HWND to the Win32 API MonitorFromWindow() and GetMonitorInfo() functions, and then calculating the scale yourself from that info. – Remy Lebeau Jan 21 at 23:50

For now, I just cheated under Windows and added the following routine to my base form class:

// TFormBase::GetScaleFactor()

double TFormBase::GetScaleFactor(void)
    double fScale = 0.0;
    #ifdef WIN32
    TPoint objTopLeft = TPoint(Left,Top);
    HMONITOR hMonitor = MonitorFromPoint(objTopLeft,MONITOR_DEFAULTTONULL);
    if (hMonitor != NULL)
        DEVICE_SCALE_FACTOR nScaleFactor;
        if (GetScaleFactorForMonitor(hMonitor,&nScaleFactor) == S_OK)
            fScale = static_cast<double> ((static_cast<int> (nScaleFactor))) / 100.0;

    if (fScale == 0.0)
        fScale = ScreenService->ScreenScale;
    fScale = ScreenService->ScreenScale;

    return fScale;

I don't know how in C++ Builder, in Delphi I do this as follows

function GetScreenshotZoom(APoint: TPoint): Single; overload;
  Monitor: HMonitor;
  DpiX, DpiY: Cardinal;
  if TOSVersion.Check(6, 3) then
    Monitor := Winapi.MultiMon.MonitorFromPoint(APoint, MONITOR_DEFAULTTONEAREST);
    GetDPIForMonitor(Monitor, MDT_Default, DpiX, DpiY);
    Result := DpiX / StandardDpi;
    Result := 1;

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