I don't know much about the front end.

wants to do

I want to use life cycle with sveltejs.

Error occurred

The following error has occurred and the lifecycle method is not available:

ERROR in ./node_modules/svelte/index.mjs
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './internal' in 'C:\project\test_svelte_lifecycle\node_modules\svelte'
 @ ./node_modules/svelte/index.mjs 1:0-167 1:0-167 1:0-167 1:0-167 1:0-167 1:0-167 1:0-167 1:0-167 1:0-167 1:0-167
 @ ./test-component.svelte
 @ ./app.js
error Command failed with exit code 2.
info Visit https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/run for documentation about this command.

What is the cause of this?

I got this code from the formula. However, an error occurred and it did not work. I don't know why.

A person with the same error made a github issue.


I modified my code accordingly, but it didn't work.



  "dependencies": {
    "svelte": "^3.17.2",
    "svelte-loader": "^2.13.6",
    "webpack": "^4.41.5",
    "webpack-cli": "^3.3.10"
  "peerDependencies": {
    "svelte": "^3.17.2"


const path = require('path');

module.exports = {
    entry: path.resolve(__dirname, 'app.js'),

    output: {
        path: path.resolve(__dirname, './dist/'),
        filename: 'bundle.js'

    resolve: {
        alias: {
            svelte: path.resolve('node_modules', 'svelte')
        extensions: ['.svelte'],
        mainFields: ['svelte', 'browser', 'module', 'main']

    module: {
        rules: [
                test: /\.(html|svelte)$/,
                exclude: /node_modules/,
                use: {
                    loader: 'svelte-loader',
                    options: {
                        customElement: true


  import { onMount } from "svelte";

  let hello = "hello";
  let world = "world";

  onMount(async () => {
    hello = "hello hello";

<svelte:options tag="test-component" />

<div>{hello} and {world}</div>


import TestComponent from './test-component.svelte';



    <meta charset="utf8">
    <script src="./dist/bundle.js"></script>


  • I think your error is not related to lifecycle but rather to the bundler and module imports. Have you tried to create a simple component and import it in your main component, just to see if the project will build.
    – V. Sambor
    Jan 24, 2020 at 0:22

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I think your error is because you don't have .mjs in your webpack's resolve.extensions. The file singled out by the error message ./internal is actually a .mjs file, but you only have .svelte extensions...

It should be something like this:

  resolve: {
    alias: {
      svelte: path.resolve('node_modules', 'svelte'),
    extensions: ['.mjs', '.js', '.svelte'],
    mainFields: ['svelte', 'browser', 'module', 'main'],
  • Thank you for your answer.As you said, it can now compile webpack.config by adding code! Thank you. Feb 1, 2020 at 6:48

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