I set up several threads, each of them would be filled with multiple values and it should make query to DB and return multiple values.

The single thread can display the correct values, but something went wrong when they return values to main function.

The main function is:

for(int i=0; i<n; i++){
    struct thread_args* args = malloc(sizeof(*args));
    args->str = str;
    args->tri_input = tri_input;
    args->length = length;
    res = pthread_create(&t_id[i], NULL, threads, args);
    if(res != 0)
        printf("Failed to create %d th thread.\n", i);

for(int i=0; i<n; i++){
    void *returnRes;
    pthread_join(t_id[i], &returnRes);
    indicesArr[i] = returnRes;
    printf("in main thread, indicesArr[%d].length: %d\n", i, indicesArr[i] -> length);

The single thread:

void *threads(void *args_){

    struct thread_args *args = (struct thread_args *)args_;
    char* str = args -> str;
    struct IntArrLenArr* indicesArr = NULL;
    indicesArr = malloc(sizeof(*indicesArr));
    int length = args -> length;
    PGconn *dbconn = DBconnect(str);
    *indicesArr = duncitonReturnIndicesArr(dbconn);
    printf("in threads, indicesArr -> length: %d\n", indicesArr->length);
    return indicesArr;

The result was as following:

in threads, indicesArr -> length: 0
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 0
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 4
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 0
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 0
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 4
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 4
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 0
in main threads, indicesArr[0].length: -1949512500
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 2
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 4
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 4
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 1
in threads, indicesArr -> length: 4

Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005)   execution time : 6.551 s
Press any key to continue.

It seems works well if it is compiled by mingw64 on win10, but somehow I have to compile it in 32 bit. My IDE is Codeblocks, differs from mingw64, I had to add a linker MinGW\lib\libpthread_s.dll.a and MinGW\lib\libpthread.a there when I compile it with mingw32. I don't know if it could be the problem? and how could I fix it?

  • Questions like this require a minimal reproducible example. Consider using valgrind to detect some failure and make sure you compile with warnings enabled, this should avoid a few common bugs. Please also edit your question and replace the image with text. Images can't be searched and pose challenges for people that are visually impaired. – Ulrich Eckhardt Jan 22 at 14:24
  • @UlrichEckhardt Thanks for the hints, I did that – heisthere Jan 22 at 14:47
  • Let's say: minimal complete reproducible example Something that compiles without warnings, I'd like to add. Preferably without database-usage. – Lorinczy Zsigmond Jan 23 at 19:07

You need to be more careful about the use of pthread_join():

  • first, before using the return value, you need to check if the function succeeded. Otherwise your return value will not be what you expect.
  • you also should initialize your pointer for the retvalue.
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  • The values in a single thread was correct, I mean, before returning values to main function. As for the second point, you mean the variable `returnRes' ? should I initialize it in any other way? – heisthere Jan 22 at 14:51
  • @heisthere Yes! You must set the retval pointer to point to a valid address of a pointer BEFORE calling join: see linked doc, second para of the section “DESCRIPTION” – Christophe Jan 22 at 16:46
  • Could you please me tell me where exact should I revise my code? I changed pthread_join(t_id[i], &returnRes);' to pthread_join(t_id[i], (void **)&returnRes);`, that did not work. And I noticed that the instruction was under unix where I work on window, don't know if that makes any difference, or I just did it wrong. – heisthere Jan 22 at 17:04
  • Actually, void *returnRes should be set to NULL before calling pthread_join(... &returnRes) to avoid potential hazards in problematic cases. – Lorinczy Zsigmond Jan 23 at 14:07

The way I return the values was actually not a problem. That was problem at the libraries I used. So I use Mingw installation manager (which should be installed by default) to reinstall the min3gw2-libpthread... libraries. and it worked.

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