I succesfully created database of tracks using this code:

export async function loadData() {
    let data = [];

      id: true,
      artist: true,
      duration: true,
      genre: true,
      title: true,
      fileName: true,
      minimumSongDuration: 1000 
    }).then(async (tracksNOFILTER) => {
        let results = await Promise.all(tracksNOFILTER)
        let filterTracks = results
        .filter((item) => item.path == '/storage/emulated/0/Test/Wake.mp3')
        .map(({album, author, duration, fileName, genre, id, path, title}) => ({album, author, duration, fileName, genre, id, path, title}));

        for (let i = 0; i < tracksNOFILTER.length; i++) {

            let track = tracksNOFILTER[i];

                id: track.id,
                url: 'file://' + track.path,
                artwork: track.cover,
                duration: track.duration,

                title: checkTitle(track.title, track.fileName),
                artist: track.artist,
                album: track.album,
                genre: track.genre
    }).catch(error => {
    return data;

When I use it without filtering as it stands in the code above - everything works fine. Isuue occurs when I want to filter array returned by tracksNOFILTER using:

for (let i = 0; i < filterTracks.length; i++) {

    let track = filterTracks[i];

Result displayed by console.log(track); (as well as for track.path etc.) in both cases is the same for values I need.

data.push() simply doesn't work when I use filtered data.

  • I figured it out partially. It seems that data is beeing updated only when it contains more than one record. Weird af, but it still doesn't work when I try to upload single track. – Greynairod Jan 24 at 10:13

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