I would like to have a new dataframe with only rows that are duplicated in the previous df. I tried to assign a new column that it is true if there are duplicates and then select only rows that are true. However I got 0 entities. I am sure that I have duplicates in the df I want to keep in the old dataframe the first rows and remove all the other duplicates. Column with duplicate values is called 'merged'

    is_duplicate= lambda d: d.duplicated()
df2= df.loc[df['is_duplicate'] == 'True']
  • duplicated returns bools not str. Use df.loc[df['is_duplicate']] – Chris Jan 23 at 10:23

They are not strings, they are booleans, so use:

df2 = df.loc[df['is_duplicate']]
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I think you need boolean indexing, loc should be removed:


Or your solution cannot be used with .reset_index(drop=True), because then filtered another rows, also sorting should be better before or after solution:

df = df.assign(is_duplicate= lambda d: d.duplicated())
df2= df[df['is_duplicate']]
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  • I think I also specify keep = False vs other – ansev Jan 23 at 10:38

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