I started using ReactiveUI (with WPF) for first time and have little problem which I couldn't google out or find on docs. How do you bind properties from Control's DependencyProperty?

I'm creating a user control

public partial class MotorControlView: ReactiveUserControl<MotorControlViewModel>

and inside the class I have dependency property MotorAxis

public static readonly DependencyProperty MotorAxisProperty = DependencyProperty.Register(
    "MotorAxis", typeof(MotorAxis), typeof(MotorControlView));

public MotorAxis MotorAxis
    get => (MotorAxis) GetValue(MotorAxisProperty);
    set => SetValue(MotorAxisProperty, value);

Inside the view there is TextBlock which should show MotorAxis (it's an enum) string value (NoVal/X/Y/Z). The property is set in MainWindow.XAML ( <uc:MotorControlView MotorAxis="Y" /> )

The problem is:

  • how do I bind label's text to MotorAxis control's property using ReactiveUI?
  • how do I pass the value to ViewModel

In the constructor its value is always default (NoVal), so I think I can't pass it to viewmodel constuctor...

The ViewModel will be responsible for accessing X/Y/Z motor based on this parameter

The only solution I got found out is doing so:

//In View:
public MotorControlView()
    ViewModel = new MotorControlViewModel();
    this.WhenActivated(dr =>
        ViewModel.MotorAxis = this.MotorAxis;
    this.Bind(ViewModel, vm => vm.MotorAxis, v => v.MotorAxisBlock.Text);

//In VM: property with this.RaiseAndSetIfChanged(ref this.motorAxis, value)

Is there a more elegant way to do this without manually setting value in WhenActivated? So I will have this value accessible in eg. VM's constructor?


Reactiveui uses code behind bindings.

Typically you would place these in the constructor.

Main advantage of the reactiveui way is type safety.

public MotorControlView
  this.Bind(this.ViewModel, viewModel => viewModel.Axis, view => view.MotorControl.Text, axis => axis.ToString(), axisString => (MotorAxis)Enum.Parse(typeof(MotorAxis), axisString);

The above is doing Bind in the constructor. The following parameters are passed:

  1. The view model
  2. A expression pointing towards the property on the view model
  3. A expression pointing towards the property on the view
  4. A converter method taking the property on the view model, converting to a string and putting that on the view
  5. A converter method taking the string on the view and converting to the enum on the view model.

See https://reactiveui.net/docs/handbook/data-binding/ for further info.

  • yeah, but how about this dependencyProperty? Is there a way to initialize VM's MotorAxis property without manually this.WhenActivated(d => { ViewModel.MotorAxis = this.MotorAxis; }); ? – user3239780 Jan 24 at 15:12
  • 1
    you can just change the ViewModel binding to be view => view.MotorAxis in the third parameter above. Then you can have another Bind/OneWayBind to your View object. – Glenn Watson Jan 25 at 1:53

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