Can WSO2 API Manager be used with a separate Identity Server as IdP, without sharing the database? All documentation and tutorials point to a special version of IS and sharing the database, and I'd like to avoid that.

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    If you need to use the identity server totally separated without sharing the user stores, you should configure IS as a federated idp. – Menaka Jan 24 at 2:14
  • @Menaka I've tried to do that (configuring service providers to use IS as federated IdP), but I can only login if I use "admin" user from IS, for other users I get "Error 403 : Forbidden The server could not verify that you are authorized to access the requested resource." – Blagus Jan 24 at 6:33
  • What is the apim version that you are using? – Menaka Jan 24 at 7:34
  • @Menaka API-M 3.0.0 and IS 5.9.0 – Blagus Jan 24 at 7:42
  • The forbidden error might be due to the insufficient roles of the user. Did you check whether that user has required roles to login to Publisher? – Vithursa M Jan 24 at 7:44

You can configure WSO2 API Manager with an external IDP without using WSO2 IS. I think this blog will be helpful for you. In this blog, Keycloak has been used as the federated IDP for SSO.


  • Is there part 2? I connected API-M and IS, but the roles for users are not provisioned on first login, so I can only use "admin" user from IS for API-M. – Blagus Feb 5 at 9:12

Yes, you can configure IS as federated Identity Provider. This blog has steps to configure WSO2 IS as federated IdP for API Manager.

  • This tutorial also explains how to connect to external IS through IS-KM. Can I avoid additional IS as Key Manager instance and connect API Manager directly to external IS? – Blagus Jan 24 at 6:59
  • Yes, you can create the Identity Provider in API Manager (Step 3) and select Federated authentication as Authentication Type under Local & Outbound Authentication Configuration. – Vithursa M Jan 24 at 7:47

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