I am using ABP v4.9.0 (.NET CORE 2.2) with angular client

I built some custom localization providers. These providers get translation dictionaries from an external API. I add localization sources on startup with these providers.

            var customProvider = new CustomLocalizationProvider(...);

            var localizationSource = new DictionaryBasedLocalizationSource("SOURCENAME", customProvider );
            config.Localization.Sources.Add(localizationSource );

On startup, the providers InitializeDictionaries() is called and localization dictionaries are built. So far, so good, working as intended.

Now i'd like to manually Reload these translations on demand, but I can't make this working.

Here is what I tried.

Here I trigger the re-synchronize of the language ressources:

        foreach (var localizationSource in _localizationConfiguration.Sources)
                localizationSource.Initialize(_localizationConfiguration, _iocResolver);
            catch (Exception e)
                Logger.Warn($"Could not get Localization Data for source '{localizationSource.Name}'", e);

In the custom provider, I first clear the Dictionaries

    public class CustomLocalizationProvider : LocalizationDictionaryProviderBase

    protected int IterationNo = 0;

    protected override void InitializeDictionaries()

        IterationNo += 1;

        var deDict = new LocalizationDictionary(new CultureInfo("de-DE"));
        deDict["HelloWorld"] = $"Hallo Welt Nummer {IterationNo}";
        Dictionaries.Add("de-DE", deDict);

        var enDict = new LocalizationDictionary(new CultureInfo("en"));
        enDict["HelloWorld"] = $"Hello World number {IterationNo}";
        Dictionaries.Add("en", enDict);


The provider is executed again as expected.

But when I eventually use the localization clientside (angular), I still get the original translations.

What am I missing?

Thanks for the help.

  • You need to refresh on client side (Angular) too. – aaron Jan 27 at 7:42
  • I surely did refresh the client. The old translations seem to be cached server side, not just client side – Puur Jan 27 at 15:43
  • Correction: I use ABP 4.9.0 (CORE 2.2) – Puur Jan 27 at 15:44
  • What is language.LanguageCode? You are right that the source and provider are cached, but DictionaryBasedLocalizationSource.GetAllStrings appears to use the latest Dictionaries: DictionaryBasedLocalizationSource.cs#L141 – aaron Jan 27 at 17:10
  • language.Language is an excerpt from a much longer code using data from some external service. – Puur Jan 29 at 7:55

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