When running AEM 6.5.3 on Java 11 I noticed suspicious WARN messages appearing in error.log from time to time:

08.01.2020 16:33:06.236 WARN [ [1578497585926] GET /editor.html/content/* HTTP/1.1] org.apache.sling.commons.compiler.impl.EclipseJavaCompiler Using unsupported java version '11', assuming latest supported version '9'

It looked like a warning during JSP compilation but forcing JSP recompilation is not triggering this WARN. I wonder if this is a known issue and if it can cause any troubles when executing JSPs?

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It looks like this issue is already fixed in SLING-8322 but is not released yet. I assume that, at the moment of writing, it is impossible to use Java 10+ code in any AEM JSP files. Beyond that, all works fine - experience from two different projects.


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