I want to list or view created stored procedure in PhpMyAdmin. I have created 1 stored procedure and execute that also but how can i view or modify particular stored procedure is it possible or not and please explain its good practise to create stored procedure using PhpMyAdmin or what are the other ways(any other tool) to program with stored procedures , i am new to MySql and PhpMyAdmin .

Please Help


Take a look at the information_schema. In your case to the routines table.


If you want to list all stored procedures you can use this query

select * 
from information_schema.routines
where routine_type = 'procedure'

In order to limit the result to a specific database:

select * 
from information_schema.routines
where routine_type = 'procedure' and routine_schema = 'your_db'

You can find the content of your stored procedures within the routine_definition field.

Moreover take a look at:

show create procedure stored_procedure_name

you'll find stored procedure content within 'Create Procedure' field.

  • In my case the routine_definition field is always null. The query show create procedure also only returns null in the Create Procedure field. Lastly, in the Routines tab of phpMyAdmin, I can't click any of the 'Execute' or 'Edit' buttons.
    – posfan12
    May 24 '18 at 9:26

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