I'm trying write the batch code to generate a script into a file, to open a connection with WinSCP; the final command should be like:

open sftp://user:password@example.com/

The password contains the + symbol and I must change it into %2B to make WinSCP understand.

set pw=mypassword+
::echo %pw% return--> mypassword+
set st=%%2B
::echo %st% return--> &2B
call set pw=%%pw:+=%st%%%
::echo %pw% return--> mypassword2B

I can't find the way to make last call to return %pw%=mypassword%2B (with % before 2B) to pass to WinSCP script. Can you help me, please? Or is there another strategy (but always in batch file) to make WinSCP open command accept the correct password? Thanks in advance.

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    Is there a reason you can't just do a single SET PW=mypassword%%2B ? Do you need to have it split into multiple variables like that? – Ben Scott Jan 24 at 22:51
  • In the real case the password is an argument passed to this code; I don't really know what password is passed before having it, I must get the password and replace the substring "+" if present. – Ceo Kep Jan 25 at 8:35

This seems to work:

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set pw=!pw:+=%%2B!

Note that you have to remove the call.

Based on Batch - replacing with percent symbol.

Also, there's an alternative way to provide the password to WinSCP:

open ftp://username@ftp.example.com/ -rawsettings PasswordPlain="mypassword+"

A future version of WinSCP will support more straightforward -password switch for this purpose.

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  • Great! The first way work perfectly; I'll try the alternative for winscp as soon as I can. Thanks a lot! – Ceo Kep Jan 25 at 8:53

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