Some background...

I am trying to build a Docker image for a Ghost blog. I am just adding one module: a Storage Adapter so that images are hosted on S3 instead of local filesystem (default setting).

In the README of the storage adapter plugin, the installation instructions are to copy the module into the working directory of the app:

npm install ghost-storage-adapter-s3
mkdir -p ./content/adapters/storage
cp -r ./node_modules/ghost-storage-adapter-s3 ./content/adapters/storage/s3

and that works -- but only inside of the container. I want to run these steps in the Docker build, so that if my container restarts, I don't lose these changes.

The issue

In my Dockerfile, I have:

FROM ghost:3
RUN npm install ghost-storage-adapter-s3
RUN mkdir -p ./content/adapters/storage
RUN cp -r ./node_modules/ghost-storage-adapter-s3/ ./content/adapters/storage/s3

and it throws this error: cp: cannot create directory './content/adapters/storage/s3': No such file or directory

When I take a step back and try to create one directory at a time and validate it was created, i.e.

RUN ls ./content
RUN mkdir ./content/adapters
RUN ls ./content/adapters

I get this error:

Step 8/10 : RUN ls ./content/adapters
 ---> Running in c55848f39bb4
ls: cannot access './content/adapters': No such file or directory
The command '/bin/sh -c ls ./content/adapters' returned a non-zero code: 2

How is possible that there is "no such directory" after I just created it?

I tried setting chmod permissions when I create the folder mkdir -m 777 ./content/adapters, and updating owner to my current user (root): RUN chown -R root ./content but no effect.

I was able to get it to at least build by changing the ./ directory prefixes, but that puts /content in the app root which is not where they need to be. When I specify the full path /var/lib/ghost/content/adapters/storage I get the same error. It seems to be a permissions thing but I don't know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • You need to use COPY/ADD instructions to copy from the host to the container.
    – funnydman
    Jan 26 '20 at 8:31
  • @funnydman I don't want my docker image to be dependent upon the host container, it should be able to build everything it needs on its own Jan 26 '20 at 8:48

That's the typical symptom of the base image declaring a VOLUME for its install directory. You can't create a derived image that has any additional content in that directory, plugins or otherwise.

If you're not trying to do this repeatably, then you could launch a copy of the image with some local storage attached, run that installation once, and then use the populated data directory for real.

docker run --rm -it -v $PWD/ghost:/var/lib/ghost/content ghost:3 bash
npm install ghost-storage-adapter-s3
mkdir -p ./content/adapters/storage
cp -r ./node_modules/ghost-storage-adapter-s3/ ./content/adapters/storage/s3

docker run -d -p 2368:2368 -v $PWD/ghost:/var/lib/ghost/content ghost:3

If you want to do this repeatedly then (as @Wonkledge notes in their answer) you can use an entrypoint script to copy this in at startup, after any volumes have been attached to the container. Note that the image already declares its own entrypoint so you need to wrap that. Your Dockerfile might look like

FROM ghost:3
RUN npm install ghost-storage-adapter-s3
COPY entrypoint-wrapper.sh /usr/local/bin
ENTRYPOINT ["entrypoint-wrapper.sh"]

and the wrapper script

mkdir -p ./content/adapters/storage
cp -r ./node_modules/ghost-storage-adapter-s3/ ./content/adapters/storage/s3
exec docker-entrypoint.sh "$@"

Notice how these two lines that affect the content directory tree move from inside the Dockerfile to after the container starts.

(If an image declares a VOLUME, then Docker mounts a volume on that directory every time it creates a container, whether there's a docker run -v option or not. During the Dockerfile, you get a new anonymous volume for every RUN line, which is why changes to that directory tree don't actually persist in the image.)

  • The first way doesn't seem to make sense for production use. I can't get the second way to work... when I run docker run -it --name ghost -e url=http://localhost:2368 -p 2368:2368 myimage:tag there is no output from Docker, it's as if it is not running the entrypoint script. Here is my repo if anyone is able to take a look github.com/markjackson02/ghost-blog-with-s3-adapter Thank you very much Jan 26 '20 at 18:26
  • Is the entrypoint-wrapper.sh script executable? Since it's under your control you can add things like extra echo statements to see if and how it's running.
    – David Maze
    Jan 26 '20 at 23:21

Well, if it's working inside your container, you can write an script bash as entrypoint which handle that for you. So everytime your container restart, you do not lose your changes.

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