I have a legacy VRML project from 2003 with a couple of VRML models. I converted the VRML to X3D (so I can load them with X3DOM) with InstantReality converter.

One model is incomplete with missing colours and shapes, the other doesn't appear at all.

Here are the converted pages (view source) and the original VRML models:

I'm looking for some direction as to where the conversion is failing, or how to edit the resulting X3D code to fix the elements that aren't showing.


The most direct answer is that the X3DOM implementation does not support the Prototype nodes that are in the VMRL and translated X3D files, so even a perfect conversion would not be rendered in X3DOM.

The X_ITE javascript-WebGL implementation ( http://create3000.de/x_ite/getting-started/ ) does support these X3D nodes.

That being said, the files you provided reference several others, so I am not able to really test how X_ITE does with the converted files.

The Web3D Consortium supports a user community that, I think, would be interested in this application and would be able to provide more advice. They can be reached at the website: http://www.web3d.org ; and public mailing list https://www.web3d.org/mailman/listinfo/x3d-public_web3d.org

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