I had a Windows 8.1 jsproject, now updated to the Universal Windows (UAP/UWP)app.

Previously this function was working, it was calling like


function installLocationProxy(obj) {
            var descriptor;
            var descriptorProto = obj;
            do {
                descriptor = Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(descriptorProto, "location");
                descriptorProto = !descriptor && descriptorProto && Object.getPrototypeOf(descriptorProto);
            } while (descriptor == null);
            if (!descriptor || !descriptor.get || !descriptor.set)
            var proxy = new LocationProxy(descriptor.get.call(obj));
            Object.defineProperty(obj, "location", {
                "get": function () {
                    return proxy;
                "set": function (location) {
                    if (typeof location === 'string' || location && location instanceof String) {
                        proxy.assign(location, NavigationMethods.Location);
                    else {
                        return descriptor.set.call(obj, location);

but now I am getting error "Cannot redefine non-configurable property 'location'" on this line Object.defineProperty(obj, "location".

While googling I found that the now the window.location is readonly and not writable, so cannot be overridden.

For reference it can be checked here https://gist.github.com/zacharytamas/082e538784ebe07e40f9

But I am not sure how to override the window.location property? Can anybody help?


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