I have file which is generating each time and each time id in bold is getting change.


|auger_5d_multivt_relative|5e2fea0ffe0490769c682c13| 5DM| | | INALEC| nightly_inalec| |auger_dis|5e2fea151a4cc938e465d8f2| 3D| | | INALEC| nightly_inalec|

I want to extract only bold string.

  • What have you tried so far? – oguz ismail Jan 28 at 11:24

Assuming your file is called test.txt, launch this command

cat test.txt | cut -f3 -d\|

The cut command filters a text cutting fields, delimited by a given separator

-f3 -->  the third parameter
-d\| --->  with | as delimiter
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Using awk

awk -F'|' '{print $3}' log.txt
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