I am now install Traefik using helm(version.BuildInfo{Version:"v3.0.2", GitCommit:"19e47ee3283ae98139d98460de796c1be1e3975f", GitTreeState:"clean", GoVersion:"go1.13.5"}),follow this doc:

git clone https://github.com/containous/traefik-helm-chart
helm install ./traefik-helm-chart

give me this error:

Error: must either provide a name or specify --generate-name

and I am using command like this:

helm install ./traefik-helm-chart --generate-name

and give this tips:

Error: validation: chart.metadata is required

what should I do to fix this?

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You need to give the exact path where the Chart.yaml file is located


helm install --name <release-name> <chart-path>
(e.g., helm install --name prometheus ./prometheus/)


helm3 install <release-name> <chart-path>
(e.g., helm3 install prometheus .)

helm3 install --generate-name <chart-path>

For anyone else getting to this page by googling the error message (like I did).

I received this same error because my custom chart file was called "chart.yaml" instead of "Chart.yaml" (note the uppercase C)


I received this error message because my only chart was in the directory "charts" rather than "templates"

This is what is expected:

├── [1.1K]  Chart.yaml
├── [  64]  charts
└── [2.9K]  templates
    └── [2.8K]  manifest.yaml

I got the error because Chart.yaml was being matched by a rule in .helmignore.


I got this error as I had removed version key from chart.yaml by mistake.

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