I am testing code-generation functionality and deliberately creating very large .go source files.

However I see errors with go compiler at line 1048575 (which is 0xFFFFF) such as:

generated.go:1048575:75: invalid character U+0040 '@'
generated.go:1048575:76: const declaration cannot have type without expression
generated.go:1048575:88: syntax error: unexpected E_Blah_Blah, expecting semicolon or newline or )

Is this a known limitation?

EDIT-1: Commenters asked for more info on content of generated file; further tests show when I deliberately introduce a new error at line 1048573 or 1048574 it gets reported as I'd expect, but if I introduced one at 1048575 or higher line number the file I always get the error reported at 1048575.

EDIT-2: I realise now the original issue invalid character U+0040 '@' was indeed a bug in my generated file but it was further down that line number the compiler tells me.

EDIT-3: So I guess the question should really have been: is there a way to have the go-compiler give the correct line number for a problem if error further down than line 0xFFFFF?

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    Can you show the code on that line? And possibly surrounding lines if they are relevant? – mkopriva Jan 28 at 14:50
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    I can create a .go source file with more lines than that, and it compiles and runs fine. What's your go version? – icza Jan 28 at 14:53
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    If this is an issue with the current tooling implementation, it seems it would be more useful to submit a working reproduction on the Go issue tracker than here. – JimB Jan 28 at 15:03
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    Without seeing what you have in your source file, we can safely assume you just have an invalid generated file. I have created a file 100 times bigger than yours, and it's fine. – icza Jan 28 at 15:22
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    Filed an issue here: github.com/golang/go/issues/36850 – icza Jan 28 at 19:59

Is this a known limitation ?


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The root cause was:

as per comment from @icza

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