I have an Ansible task to install Anaconda:

- name: "Set variables"
    package: "/software/anaconda/Anaconda3-2019.07-Linux-x86_64.sh"

- set_fact:
    anadir: "/opt/anaconda/anaconda3-2019.07"

- name: "Check existence"
    path: "{{ anadir }}"
  register: anaconda

- debug:
    msg: "{{ anadir }} already exists."
  when: anaconda.stat.exists == True

- name: Install Anaconda
  shell: "/bin/bash {{ package }} -b -p {{ anadir }}"
  when: anaconda.stat.exists == False

But I don't want to have the version hardcoded in the file. I don't even want it in any kind of variable.

If I have a link in my directory /software/anaconda like latest -> Anaconda3-2019.07-Linux-x86_64.sh I am sure I can set a fact with the value Anaconda3-2019.07-Linux-x86_64.sh. But I could not find an elegant way to do it.

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    You are already using the stat module here. Use it on your latest link and explore the result. You will find what you need. – Zeitounator Jan 28 at 19:16
  • I think this is what I was looking for! I can just use lnk_source, right? – lanes Jan 30 at 12:09
  • Isn't it pointing to the file you are looking for ? – Zeitounator Jan 30 at 13:42
  • It is. Do you want to provide that as answer? – lanes Jan 31 at 8:01

Run the stat module against your latest link, register the result and explore it.

You should find a lnk_source key pointing to your original file.

Ref: stat module return value specification

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