I am iterating over a list on which I used a @click function to update some other elements. The elements indexes values are binded to selectedFixtures. I don't understand why, when I click on an element, it prints out [] and the second time I click on an element, it prints out the old value ex.: [1]. How can I work with the actual values in my function so it prints out [1] on the first time?

                            <v-chip v-for="(f, i) in filteredFixtures()" :key="i" @click="selectFixture(f, i)">
                                <div class="d-flex align-baseline">
                                    <span class="font-weight-medium">{{ f.name }}</span>                                 
methods: {
             selectFixture(f, index) {

                if (this.selectedFixtures.length === 1) {

You are wanting an array of chips chosen, so you are missing multiple from your template (is this just a typo when writing question?). As to your issue with old value, when the click event happens, selectedFixtures has yet to be updated with the value added/removed. You need to wait a tick to get the correct result:

Added multiple to template:

<v-chip-group v-model="selectedFixtures" multiple> 

and adding waiting a tick in the function:

this.$nextTick(() => {
   if (this.selectedFixtures.length === 1) {


PS, as a recommendation, don't call functions in template when not needing to, I'm talking about filteredFixtures(), you could instead use a computed property.

  • yes, the multiple was supposed to be copied. $nextTick works, thanks!
    – Philx94
    Jan 28 '20 at 20:06

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