Is there any plugin that directly exports MYSQL Workbench data model directly to YML for Propel consumption?

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Yes, MySQL Workbench Plugins are available for generating schemas for Propel, Doctrine, Symfony, etc


  • Thanks, I didn't realize that the plugin for Propel and Symfony, as far as MySQL workbench is concenred, are different when I did google searches for this. This is my fault, and hence I change the question of this title so that other people who are in my same shoe can benefit from this
    – Graviton
    Mar 2, 2009 at 2:23

Just an update on this issue. If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to export your database tables to entities and mapping .yml files, there used to be a plugin for Workbench that would do this, but this LUA is not supported any more, unfortunately. It worked great -- too bad because if you use MySQL Workbench, a plugin would ideally be the most convenient and fastest way to export your database as entities into your Symfony project.

So, the next best solution I found is installing a utility that can be executed from Symfony's app/console called "mysqlworkbenchschemaexporter". With this utility, you will have to save your Workbench files (*.wmb) then upload them to a folder, then the following app/console commands are available:

app/console mysqlworkbenchschemaexporter:dump
app/console mysqlworkbenchschemaexporter:withRepository

Without buying an ORM tool like Skipper, which costs over $300, I did find this recently updated solution that is supported at:


I hope this helps other Symfony developers save some time with entity creation and ORM mappings!


When using symfony 1.x, personally I prefer the following process:

  1. design the model with workbench
  2. use the "synchronize model" option to apply changes to the DB
  3. run the propel:build-schema task to update the schema.yml
  4. run the propel:build --all-classes task (it implies model, forms and filters)

Please note: step 3 will overwrite your entire schema.yml file. If you need to add special tweaks to it, just add a schema.custom.yml to your project and you're good to go.


If export from MySQL workbench isn't sufficient, you can try our tool Skipper - formerly ORM Designer (I'm chief developer). With Skipper you can define and export also behaviours, Propel specific column/table/... attributes and much more.


  • I am a fan of Skipper, it helped with my Symfony ORM mappings, definitely saves time for devs, especially on bigger projects. Jun 16, 2017 at 15:53

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