Silly question, but...

Playing around with JHipster 6.6.0, generated a simple monolithic application, started the application with ./gradlew and npm start. Everything seems to work great. Then I added a single line in the src\main\webapp\app\home\home.component.ts file ngOnInit() method:

console.log('Hello, world!');

And I get the following compile error:

ERROR in ./src/main/webapp/app/home/home.component.ts
Module Error (from ./node_modules/thread-loader/dist/cjs.js):

  22:5  error  Unexpected console statement  no-console

✖ 1 problem (1 error, 0 warnings)

Can't compile at all. Only way to get around it is to remove the line altogether, then everything starts working again.

Any ideas why? Perhaps there's a config setting I should change? [I tried adding no-console: false rule to tslint.json, but that didn't make any difference.] Is there a preferred way to add angular/typescript debug statements in JHipster? What am I missing?


[FYI: Development environment is: Windows 10 Pro; IntelliJ 2019.3.2; OpenJDK 13; Node 12.14.1; Gradle 6.0.1; Chrome v79.0.3945.130]

P.S.: I notice the Chrome console is quite busy when running the application, so clearly there must be a way to get messages into the console, but the usual console.log() statement causes a compiler fail!


Oh, jeez-louise!

Right after I posted my question, I noticed a console.log() statement in the src\main\webapp\app\app.main.ts file, preceded by a curious comment:

// eslint-disable-next-line no-console

I copied/pasted the comment from the src\main\webapp\app\app.main.ts file to the line just before my console.log('Hello, World!') statement, and... hey presto!

Now everything works!

A little esoteric...

Does anyone know: Is this the right way to add console.log() statements in JHipster? Is there a better way? Should I be avoiding console.log() statements altogether? All feedback welcome!

Thanks, again!

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    eslint.org/docs/rules/no-console you can disable this rule globally in .eslintrc.json alternatively you can create a log service and ignore this rule only in this service or use an existing one like ngx-logger – Gaël Marziou Jan 29 at 11:02

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