How would you call this library with Raku/Perl6's Native Call?


gtk_clipboard_request_text (GtkClipboard *clipboard,
                            GtkClipboardTextReceivedFunc callback,
                            gpointer user_data);

Many thanks, -T

Edit: this question was HOW to call the function. Not to troubleshoot a failed call. No code was written at this point.

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    How did you try to call it and where did it fail? – jjmerelo Jan 29 at 6:11
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    JJ's question is appropriate for all questions on SO and remains so even if you have the answer you want. A key aspect of tech Q+As, doubly so for open source tech, triply for free-as-in-speech tech, quadruply here on SO, is it's not about you, it's about us. You may think that minimal information is better than providing too much. But, while providing useless or overly verbose info is indeed a negative, failing to say what you've researched and tried, and errors you've gotten and didn't understand, is far worse. Help us help you help us. Please consider updating your question. – raiph Jan 30 at 14:16
  • JJ just misunderstood the question. No code was not even written at this point. I was asking HOW to call it. – Todd Jan 31 at 19:40

The following seems to work:

use v6;
use NativeCall;

constant GdkAtom   := uint64;
constant GDK_NONE = 0x0;

sub gtk_init(Pointer $argc, Pointer $argv) is native('gtk-3') { * };
sub gdk_display_get_default() returns Pointer is native('gdk-3') { * };
sub gtk_clipboard_get_for_display(Pointer $display, GdkAtom $selection)
  returns Pointer is native('gtk-3') { * };
sub gtk_clipboard_request_text(
    Pointer $clipboard,
    &callback ( Pointer $clipbrd, Str $text, Pointer $data),
    Pointer $user_data) is native('gtk-3') { * };
sub gtk_main() is native('gtk-3') { * };
sub gtk_main_quit() is native('gtk-3') { * };

gtk_init(Pointer, Pointer);  # Pass NULL for arguments
my $display = gdk_display_get_default();

my $clipboard = gtk_clipboard_get_for_display( $display, GDK_NONE );
my $callback = my sub (Pointer $clipboard, Str $text, Pointer $data) {
    say "In callback: Text = $text";
gtk_clipboard_request_text( $clipboard, &$callback, Pointer );

This will print the text that is currently on the system's default clipboard.

  • Thank you! gtk-3 not libgtk-3.so.0? – Todd Jan 29 at 18:14
  • Where is Pointer declared? NativeCall? – Todd Jan 29 at 18:16
  • @Todd On my Ubuntu laptop I have installed a package libgtk-3-dev. It installs the shared library at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgtk-3.so. That why I used gtk-3 – Håkon Hægland Jan 29 at 18:27
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    @Todd You are welcome! I have had some experience on using gtk+ from C and Perl, so I was able to figure it out by trial and error :) – Håkon Hægland Jan 29 at 18:44
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    When you pass a type object like Pointer without an associated variable, it will be converted to a NULL pointer according to the documentation – Håkon Hægland Jan 29 at 18:46

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