I am changing the class of an element with the following


Given the list below.

 <div id="menuItems"> 
 <ul id="contentLeft" class="edgetoedge"> 
 <li  class="sep" ">Shakes and Floats</li> 
 <li id="297"><a href="#" onClick="cart('297','add')"><small>$5.00</small><b>Vanilla</b>     </a></li> 
 <li id="298"><a href="#" onClick="cart('298','add')"><small>$5.00</small><b>Peanut Butter</b></a></li> 
 <li id="299"><a href="#" onClick="cart('299','add')"><small>$5.00</small><b>Combo</b></a></li> 
 <li id="300"><a href="#" onClick="cart('300','add')"><small>$5.00</small><b>Chocolate</b></a></li> 
 <li id="301"><a href="#" onClick="cart('301','add')"><small>$5.00</small><b>Strawberry</b></a></li> 
 <li id="303"><a href="#" onClick="cart('303','add')"><small>$5.00</small><b>Banana</b></a></li> 
 <li id="304"><a href="#" onClick="cart('304','add')"><small>$5.00</small><b>Root Beer Float</b></a></li> 
 <li id="305"><a href="#" onClick="cart('305','add')"><small>$5.00</small><b>Espresso</b></a></li> 

I assumed I could remove the class with this...


But this doesn't work. How can I remove the class?


You need to select the li tags contained within the .edgetoedge class. .edgetoedge only matches the one ul tag:

$(".edgetoedge li").removeClass("highlight");
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try: $(".highlight").removeClass("highlight");. By selecting $(".edgetoedge") you are only running functions at that level.

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  • Your answer should be accepted. A very interesting trick, you save my day. – vietnguyen09 Jan 17 '18 at 9:15

This just removes the highlight class from everything that has the edgetoedge class:


I think you want this:

$(".edgetoedge .highlight").removeClass("highlight");

The .edgetoedge .highlight selector will choose everything that is a child of something with the edgetoedge class and has the highlight class.

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    +1 for ability to target items without knowing the element type. – Andy Apr 1 '14 at 16:15

You could try this:

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The best to remove a class in jquery from all the elements is to target via element tag. e.g.,

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