I have a Property entity that has the id for a City entity. The City entity that has the id for a State entity. And the State entity that has the id for a Country entity.

I need to find all propreties in a country.

My solution is this one:

protected Specification<Property> createSpecification(PropertyCriteria criteria) {
    if (criteria.getCountryId() != null) {
            StateCriteria stateCriteria = new StateCriteria();
            List<StateDTO> states = stateQueryService.findByCriteria(stateCriteria);
            List<Long> statesIds = states.stream().map(StateDTO::getId).collect(Collectors.toList());

            LongFilter statesInCountry = new LongFilter();

            CityCriteria cityCriteria = new CityCriteria();
            List<CityDTO> cities = cityQueryService.findByCriteria(cityCriteria);
            List<Long> citiesId = cities.stream().map(CityDTO::getId).collect(Collectors.toList());

            LongFilter citiesInState = new LongFilter();

            specification = specification.and(buildSpecification(citiesInState,
                root -> root.join(Property_.city, JoinType.LEFT).get(City_.id)));

Is there a better solution using buildSpecification()? I find really difficult to understand what the inhered functions from QueryService actually do because of the type parametrization.

Thanks in advance!


To get all the Property in a Country you should join the entities and apply the filter to the country ID.

protected Specification<Property> createSpecification(PropertyCriteria criteria) {
    if (criteria.getCountryId() != null) {
        specification = specification.and(buildSpecification(criteria.getCountryId(),
            root -> root.join(Property_.city, JoinType.LEFT)
                        .join(City_.state, JoinType.LEFT)
                        .join(State_.country, JoinType.LEFT)

See if this does what you need.

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