I am working on creating instant view for content of my channel in telegram. As I've read on the page: https://tgraph.io/How-can-I-get-IV-for-my-domain-10-22 using @bold bot we can remove long and scary created link via telegram instant view panel from a post. but because @bold is a inline bot it has limitation in lenght of post character. My main question is how @bold remove those long url and convert to IV and can I write my own bot do the same as @bold does but with my custom setting?


I wrote a detailed answer on my blog: https://corbee.me/ivfaq/

TL;DR: I recommend using IFTTT (a guide on how to set up) or @insvibot to hide long links inside narrow non-breaking space since you already have a Template. You can create a bot with the same features by yourself, but it's way harder.

If you are able to change the HTML code of the site you want to publish articles from — consider mimicking a Medium page. You'll need to add 2 meta tags and Instant View would appear automatically if your HTML markup is fine and article is inside tag. I use this to create IV for my site: image preview here

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