I use a TabbedPage with position bottom in my xamarin forms project.

On Android, the font size is too big.

I'm looking for a way to reduce the font size.

I'm also trying to remove the effect that makes the selected menu item bigger.

<TabbedPage xmlns="http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms"
            Title="{Binding Title}"
        <NavigationPage x:Name="Home" Title="{i18n:Translate Menu_Home}" IconImageSource="accueil.png">
                <views:Home />
        <NavigationPage x:Name="Services" Title="{i18n:Translate Menu_MyServices}" IconImageSource="services.png">
                <views:MyServices />
        <NavigationPage x:Name="Documentation" Title="{i18n:Translate Menu_Documentation}" IconImageSource="documentation.png">
                <views:Documentation />
        <NavigationPage x:Name="VideoCall" Title="{i18n:Translate Menu_Video}" IconImageSource="videoconferenc.png">
                <views:VideoCall />

Here is the result

  • We're finding that the "videoconsultation" doesn't have enough room.


  • It's even worse here


  • The word "services" disappears when selected.


I've done a lot of research, but I've found a way to make it work.

When the menu is positioned at the top, I can change some settings in style.xml, but it doesn't seem to work when it's positioned at the bottom.

Do you have a solution?

Thank you very much,


  • check this question
    – Shaw
    Jan 30 '20 at 19:43
  • Also, if it is an issue of font size, you can read the documentations/examples of using <OnPlatform> in the xaml and then you can set a font value for android specifically Jan 30 '20 at 20:47

You can follow this blog to change the FontSize of tabbedPage item on Android, write a custom renderer of TabbedPage and change the textSize there:

[assembly: ExportRenderer(typeof(ExtendedTabbedPage), typeof(ExtendedTabbedPageRenderer))]
namespace CustomTabbedPage.Droid
    public class ExtendedTabbedPageRenderer : TabbedPageRenderer
        Xamarin.Forms.TabbedPage tabbedPage;
        BottomNavigationView bottomNavigationView;
        Android.Views.IMenuItem lastItemSelected;
        private bool firstTime = true;
        int lastItemId=-1;
        public ExtendedTabbedPageRenderer(Context context) : base(context)

        protected override void OnElementChanged(ElementChangedEventArgs<Xamarin.Forms.TabbedPage> e)

            if (e.NewElement != null)
                tabbedPage = e.NewElement as ExtendedTabbedPage;
                bottomNavigationView = (GetChildAt(0) as Android.Widget.RelativeLayout).GetChildAt(1) as BottomNavigationView;

                //Call to change the font

        //Change Tab font
        void ChangeFont()
            var fontFace = Typeface.CreateFromAsset(Context.Assets, "gilsansultrabold.ttf");
            var bottomNavMenuView = bottomNavigationView.GetChildAt(0) as BottomNavigationMenuView;

            for (int i = 0; i < bottomNavMenuView.ChildCount; i++)
                var item = bottomNavMenuView.GetChildAt(i) as BottomNavigationItemView;
                var itemTitle = item.GetChildAt(1);

                var smallTextView = ((TextView)((BaselineLayout)itemTitle).GetChildAt(0));
                var largeTextView = ((TextView)((BaselineLayout)itemTitle).GetChildAt(1));

                lastItemId = bottomNavMenuView.SelectedItemId;

                //smallTextView.SetTypeface(fontFace, TypefaceStyle.Bold);
                //largeTextView.SetTypeface(fontFace, TypefaceStyle.Bold);

                smallTextView.TextSize = 18;
                largeTextView.TextSize = 18;

                //Set text color
                var textColor = (item.Id == bottomNavMenuView.SelectedItemId) ? tabbedPage.On<Xamarin.Forms.PlatformConfiguration.Android>().GetBarSelectedItemColor().ToAndroid() : tabbedPage.On<Xamarin.Forms.PlatformConfiguration.Android>().GetBarItemColor().ToAndroid();

Change the textSize of smallTextView and largeTextView will work. You can also download the sample project here.

  • do you know how to split title in 2 lines(MultiLine) for TabbedPage in xamarin ios? I know the solution for multiline Title in contenpage. But when i use multiline Title content pages as tabs of TabbedPage, 2nd line title is not visible
    – Blu
    Jan 31 '20 at 10:03
  • @Blu I don't know. But I guess it is not possible since there is no enough space for the second line.
    – Jack Hua
    Feb 3 '20 at 6:00
  • No problem with the spacing, i dont have icons for my tabbedpage n i can even set the padding to tittle text from bottom, so that text can have enough space for multi line.
    – Blu
    Feb 4 '20 at 9:57

To change the font size for bottom tabbed page see the below link ...it works for me .Instead of creating custom renderer just follow these steps.

1)Create new file "dimens.xml" in Android -> Resources/Values(only if it doesn't exits) 2)and then copy the code which is in the following link

link :


  • Please put the whole code instead to linking to other website. This is useful in case the external website becomes inaccessible. Oct 13 '20 at 11:37

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