I am new to Python, stupid question ahead

I need to compare the entries from a MySQL database with ldap. I created a dictionary to hold the corresponding values, when I try to loop through the dictionary and pass them to ldap3 entries to show the results it takes the variable as literal.

for x in values_dict:
    except Exception as error:

attribute 'value2' not found

If I replace value2 with 'sn' or any of the other attributes I have pulled it works fine. I have also played around with exec() but this returns nothing.

for x in values_dict:
    except Exception as error:

Any ideas?

EDIT 1 : As requested here are the values for values_dict. As stated previously the loop does parse these correctly, ldap does return the attributes, but when I try to use a variable to lookup the attributes from entries the variable is taken literally.

values_dict = {
        "First_Name": "givenname",
        "Middle_Name": "middlename",
        "Last_Name": "sn",
        "Preferred_Name": "extensionattribute2",
        "Work_Location": "physicaldeliveryofficename",
        "Work_City": "l",
        "Work_State": "st",
        "Work_Postal": "postalcode",
        "Work_Email": "mail"
  • Could you include your values_dict and show your ldap query? Are all attributes that you defined in your values_dict queriedand returned from the LDAP server? – Moritz Jan 30 at 20:42
  • The LDAP query works and returns all attributes I am looking for. When I print 'value2' it prints the corrosponding value x from the loop. I will update my post when I get home. – TurboAAA Jan 30 at 22:15
  • @Moritz I have updated the OP with the dictionary values. Hope that helps. – TurboAAA Jan 31 at 12:30

The syntax somevariable.someattr, which you are using here:


Always means "access an attribute named someattr of somevariable". It's always interpreted as a literal string. If you need to dynamically access an attribute, use the getattr function:

getattr(ldap_conn.entries[0], value2)

You're not currently assigning that that result anywhere, so you probably want something like:

result1 = getattr(ldap_conn.entries[0], value2)
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  • Awesome, and it's a builtin function as well. Thank you for pointing that out! – TurboAAA Feb 1 at 14:36

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