I have some code that is meant to get files in a directory, which is simple enough

foreach (var Totalfile in new DirectoryInfo(rootfolder).GetFiles("*Totals*.csv", SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly))

The files are named as follows:


My issue is that it is not picking up the last file.

I have fixed the code by putting this instead:

foreach (var Totalfile in new DirectoryInfo(rootfolder).GetFiles("*Totals*.csv*", SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly))

Saying get any files that contains both Totals and .csv, with anything after the .csv.

What I don't get is why it got the top four files, but not the bottom.

I'd have thought none of the files would be picked up by the original code?

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    Has the file in question been deleted, but is kept open by antivirus or similar? This might lead to a "ghost" file where explorer still lists it, but it doesn't actually exist on disk any more. – Lasse V. Karlsen Jan 31 '20 at 8:19
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    Apparently the first four files have a 8.3 name and the last one does not. – GSerg Jan 31 '20 at 8:20
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    The short name is your nemesis, when there are too many files then Totals~n.csv no longer fits and you can only get a match on Total*. Type dir /x tot*.* to see short names. You favor Totals.csv* and may have to filter to eliminate accidental matches. – Hans Passant Jan 31 '20 at 8:56

Apparently GetFiles adheres to the pattern matching logic as it is implemented in say the dir command.


Because this method checks against file names with both the 8.3 file name format and the long file name format, a search pattern similar to "*1*.txt" may return unexpected file names. For example, using a search pattern of "*1*.txt" returns "longfilename.txt" because the equivalent 8.3 file name format is "LONGFI~1.TXT".

As @GSerg pointed some of your files have a matching 8.3 name.

dir /x *Totals*.csv*

2020-01-31  09:33                 0 TOTALS~1.CSV Totals.CSV142344
2020-01-31  09:33                 0 TOTALS~2.CSV Totals.CSV142409
2020-01-31  09:33                 0 TOTALS~3.CSV Totals.CSV142433
2020-01-31  09:33                 0 TOTALS~4.CSV Totals.CSV142501
2020-01-31  09:33                 0 TO5404~1.CSV Totals.CSV142528

Try changing the pattern to Totals.csv* to match all files.


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