I'm going to get data from a database using axios.

Props was announced as follows:

    export default {
  <v-flex xs8>
         v-for="question in questions"

And During data connect router-link there were some issues.

<h3 class="headline mb-0">
    <router-link :to="data.path">
        {{ data.title }}

    <!-- <router-link to="data.path">
         {{ data.title }}
    </router-link> -->
<div class="class=grey--text text--darken-2"> {{ data.created_at }} </div>

Problem title is:

Invalid prop: type check failed for prop "to". Expected String, Object, got Undefined


found in

---> <RouterLink>
         <Question> at resources/js/components/Forum/Question.vue
           <Forum> at resources/js/components/Forum/Forum.vue
             <AppHome> at resources/js/components/AppHome.vue

It was because your prop data does not contain a path element that's why the error tells you that it was expecting String or Object but what they received was undefined.

Make sure you correctly passing a prop to that component and that prop data must contain a path element, like this

    export default {
           data: {
               default: {
                   created_at: '',

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