I just started learning Codeigniter 4. My query always generates NULL and I don't know why. How can I see the generated SQL Select command just like Codeigniter 3?

In Codeigniter 3 this command does the job:

echo $this->db->last_query();

And this is my controller code in Codeigniter 4 that I need to get the generated query:

$cityModel = new CityModel();
$cities = $cityModel
    ->select('city.name AS cityName')
    ->select('county.name AS countryName')
    ->select('province.name AS provinceName')
    ->join('province', 'city.province_id = province.id', 'left')
    ->join('county', 'city.county_id = county.id', 'left')

Update: I tried this code but it's returning an empty string:

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  • "My query always generates NULL"? maybe county.name should be country.name. "What's the $db? It's not defined in the controller"? you could define it like this: $db=$this->db; – Vickel Jan 31 at 16:47

You can use getCompiledSelect it will return the query SELECT command.

$sql = $cityModel->getCompiledSelect();
echo $sql;
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    in your case it will be $cityModel->getCompiledSelect(); it attaches with $this->db->getCompiledSelect() – Fawad Saboor Feb 3 at 8:59
  • Thanks. This worked! please edit your answer. Then I will accept it – rostamiani Feb 4 at 18:18

In CI 4 Refer Doc

you can use getLastQuery() as

$query = $db->getLastQuery();
echo (string)$query;
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  • What's the $db? It's not defined in the controller. – rostamiani Jan 31 at 10:36

This should display the final query:

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