I am working on a Outlook add-in. I am not able to use the method item.getAttachmentsAsync in my plugin code to load and read the content of files. I am getting ERROR TypeError: item.getAttachmentsAsync is not a function in run time.

var item = Office.context.mailbox.item;
var options = {asyncContext: {currentItem: item}};
item.getAttachmentsAsync(options, this.callback);

My requirement is explained below,

In the plugin we have a form and few fields are populated from mail body. And I need mail attachments to auto upload to Form.

Please suggest a better way to do that.

  • Are you in read or compose mode? getAttachmentsAsync is a compose mode only API. – Outlook Add-ins Team - MSFT Feb 1 at 1:26
  • Oh , I am using it in Read mode, – VamsiThumati Feb 2 at 8:15
  • Pls suggest any approach for above scenario , I need the inbox mail attachments to plugins form control – VamsiThumati Feb 2 at 8:18
  • Not sure if you intend to actually send the attachments from the client, or just send the identifiers, and then retrieve them from the server... you can review the properties of the attachments on the client side like this: – Brian Clink Feb 4 at 16:38
  • Completing my half thought: You can review the properties of the attachments on the client side by looking at Office.context.mailbox.item.attachments. You can retrieve these attachments from a server following docs.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/add-ins/… (this mentions EWS, I'm sure there is also an equivalent Graph sample somewhere, which would be recommended over EWS). – Brian Clink Feb 4 at 16:49

using getAttachmentContentAsync I am able to get the file as a blob. but the problem is we need to call this method as soon after the mail opening. otherwise getting cors error

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  • Are you using Outlook online in a web browser, or are you using the rich native Desktop client? – Outlook Add-ins Team - MSFT Feb 16 at 0:44

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