Trying to remove this entire block of code from a script:


I am able to do so up until the linebreak and ending }

sed '/var gfjfgjk/,/appendChild(s);\n}/d'

how can I have it include the linebreak and } at the end


Thanks to @Wiktor Stribiżew link:

for i in $(grep -rl gfjfgjk) ; do if grep -m1 gfjfgjk $i >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then echo $i ; sed -i -e '1,6d;7s/^}//' $i ; fi; done

The only different really is, I wanted to make sure gfjfgjk matched the first line of the file in case it was injected somewhere else in the script and then sed removed the first 7 lines of legit code.

  • Don't do that, whatever it is you're trying to do there is a better way. – Ed Morton Feb 1 '20 at 18:55

With sed, would you please try the following:

sed '
:l      # define a label "l"
N       # read next line and append to the pattern space
$!b l   # goto "l" unless eof
s/var gfjfgjk.*appendChild(s);\n}//
        # remove the specified block including newlines
' file

It first slurps all lines into the pattern space so we can process multiple lines (including the newline characters) at once.

The possible problem is if the file contains the pattern appendChild(s);\n} in multiple lines, sed will fall in the longest match due to the greedy nature of regex.

As an alternative, if perl is your option, you can also say:

perl -0777 -pe 's/var gfjfgjk.*?appendChild\(s\);\n}//s' file
  • The -0777 option tells perl to read the all lines at once.
  • The regex .*? enables the shortest match.
  • The s option at the end makes the dot . match newlines. Otherwise the dot in perl regex does not match newlines.

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