I need a open-source/free C# tool or library that can do financial charting for a student project. It needs to be able to do a open-high-low-close chart, and be able to graph various technical indicators that I calculate, all from within a Windows form.

Any recommendations?

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Try ZedGraph. You can do almost anything with that library.

Note: It's free and open source.


Microsoft has released a chart control for .NET 3.5. You can get support at this forum.


ChartFx from SoftwareFX is pretty good. They are not free but do offer a 30 day trial that might work for a student project.


It's not exactly open-source, but it is free (if you have a valid Office license). You can use Office Web Components to create almost any chart Excel can.



This may give you clear and simple idea how to use Charts with free source.



We use StockChartX from www.modulusfe.com - there are COM, WPF and Silverlight versions. Also Flash, HTML5, etc.

  • This is an expensive corporate product - hardly Open Source / Free as the OP requested. Mar 5, 2020 at 13:13

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