Am trying to convert list of sheets from an excel file into a csv, so beginning with the following codes, i want to read the files first, but i only get the first sheet, and the rest are lost

import pandas as pd

def accept_xcl_file(file):
    xcl_file = pd.ExcelFile(file)
    sheets= xcl_file.sheet_names
    file = xcl_file.parse(sheet_names = sheets)
    return file,sheets

file, sheet  = accept_xcl_file('Companies.xlsx')

sheet >>

this is the output from sheet ['companies', 'fruits', 'vehicles', 'sales', 'P&L', 'price', 'clubs', 'countries', 'housing', 'life-expectancy']

file['fruits'] >>

i get a keyerror when i try to index the file, but when i use 'companies' key i get the correct data. going by the documentation i should expect a DataFrame or dict of DataFrames anyhelp..


The read_excel method is already available in pandas to import Excel data.

Try this instead of your code:

import pandas as pd
file = pd.read_excel('Companies.xlsx')
# file is a dict object
# keys are the sheet names as strings
# items are the pd.DataFrame objects containing sheet data
  • it is a class work, and i am to use this function, i can of dont know why it is behaving like this ?? – user12062967 Feb 2 '20 at 16:45
  • Try listing out the keys that have been imported using print(list(file.keys())). Maybe there's a typo in your sheet names. – scign Feb 2 '20 at 17:05

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