Is there a way to use private repo for custom .NET core templates and use them with X and web global tools provided by ServiceStack?

  • FYI the x dotnet tool now supports creating templates from private repos, see my updated answer. – mythz Mar 14 at 15:40

This has now been implemented with x dotnet tool:

$ dotnet tool install --global x 

Where you can now create templates from any repo by specifying user/repo as the template name and to be able to access a private repo you'll need to either specify your GitHub Access Token with the -token argument, e.g:

$ x new user/repo TheProject -token {GITHUB_TOKEN}

Alternatively you can leave specifying the -token if you have your GitHub AccessToken in your GITHUB_TOKEN Environment variable.

The latest version also lets you install directly from a URL archive, e.g:

$ x new https://github.com/{user}/{repo}/archive/master.zip TheProject

Which you can use to install any previous release version.

The ServiceStack Docs contains info on how ServiceStack's Project Template System works where you can change the GitHub Organization used to source its templates with the APP_SOURCE_TEMPLATES environment variable, e.g:

APP_SOURCE_TEMPLATES=NetCoreTemplates .NET Core C# Templates;
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  • I did use the APP_SOURCE_TEMPLATES env variable to point to my org. It only pulls public repos from the org. Is there a way to pull private repos? – vmtx Feb 4 at 1:44
  • @vmtx There's no explicit support for private repos but setting GITHUB_GIST_TOKEN Environment Variable with a personal GitHub access token with the necessary read permissions might work. – mythz Feb 4 at 1:50
  • i tried but did not work. Is the token only used for gist access? Looking at the source for the web tool, it looks like the token is used only on the publish command to publish app to Gist. – vmtx Feb 5 at 4:33

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