Accoring to the actual docs, gen_server:start_link is of following signature:

ServerName = {local,Name} | {global,GlobalName} | {via,Module,ViaName}
Name = atom()

..but what if I don't like to assign distinct name (neither local or global) to some gen_server instance and rather would like to memoize it's PID and reference it in such an anonymous fashion? Am I able to achieve such behavior?

P.S. Why do I need this? There is a parameter, let's call it N, which defines how many instances of the same gen_server is required. Current implementation does something like instance_1..instance_N, generating those atoms on the fly, but actually PIDs would be sufficient here. That's why I'd like to get rid of atoms and perefer PIDs.


The ServerName parameter is used for registration, so the server can be referenced by the name. But this parameter is optional, there exists start_link version without it:

start_link(Module, Args, Options) -> Result
start_link(ServerName, Module, Args, Options) -> Result

Server started by the version with three parameters is not registered. This is useful when one prefers to use other means over atoms to refer to servers, for instance when several servers of the same type are used.

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