I need reanimate an old site, that was made by another programmer a long time ago. The site is built on Phalcon and I don't know which versions of PHP are supported.

I'm seeing many errors like:

Using $this when not in object context

It is triggered because in Models many functions calls core functions of Phalcon like $this->session->get('auth'), but it looks like a new version of PHP doesn't allow it.

How can I fix it without a total rewrite of all models?

Is there any other way to call Phalcon's $this in Model?

Or is it not possible?

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    Share an example of your model where you're calling $this->session->get('auth'). Sounds like you're calling it from a static method – Brett Gregson Feb 3 at 14:37

If you add variable $di (factory) to your application

you need to write this :


You are calling a static method, therefore an object has not been created and there IS NO $this.

Static methods are BAD, try and avoid! They're essentially standalone functions hiding inside a class. They're also very annoying to test.

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