I am using the package react-native-admob

I created an alpha track of my app and created a managed product on the play console

If I try


I get the error

RNIap.prepare is not a function. (In 'RNIap.prepare()', 'RNIap.prepare' is undefined)

if I try

const itemSkus = Platform.select({
  ios: [
  android: [
const products = await RNIap.getProducts(itemSkus);

I get

Array []

Is there any additional setup I'm missing? This is my first time working with in-app-purchases on react-native

I have been following along with this tutorial, but run into problems when I get to RNIap.prepare(). My app was using the Expo managed workflow, and is now using the bare workflow. I am still running my app with expo start, because I don't know what else I can do to run it.

  • Do you having issue in android or ios? – DevLover Feb 14 at 3:28

Have you followed these steps in the document rn-iap? This was the document which i followed and implemnted in app purchase for both android and ios in react native. It explains easily and beautifully. Do check it out.

ps: Even my app is in production and it has succesfull in app purchase

  • Sure did, I run into problems once I get to RNIap.prepare() – Sam Feb 7 at 5:13

You can't get RNIap.prepare() in android before first release in Google Play Store

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