I need to check 2 routes, and if one is true, add some content

@if (Route::current()->uri() != '/' || Route::current()->uri() != 'login')<div>add some content some contnt </div> @endif

I have tried with '||' and 'OR' and 'or'. I have also tried with Request::path(), which works only when checking 1 route

@if (Route::current()->uri() != '/') <div>add some content some contnt </div> @endif

If I try 2 routes it doesn't seem to work

  • the if statement looks fine to me. Should work. Please note that you are checking if NOT root or if NOT login. What is the URL shown in your address bar when you observed it was not working? – xyz Feb 3 '20 at 23:05

You can use the built in methods to check for a route name or pattern.

See Route::is() or Route::currentRouteNamed()

For example:

Route::get('users', 'Controller..')->name('users.index');
Route::get('users/{id}', 'Controller..')->name('users.show');

Assuming you are in the following path : users/1

@if(Route::is('users.show') )
    // true

@if(Route::is('users') )
    // false

@if(Route::is('users.*') )
    // true

So in your example try @if(Route::is('home') or Route::is('login'))..@endif


Try using route names instead. In your web.php file put this:


And then change your if condition to this:

@if (Route::currentRouteName() != 'home' || Route::currentRouteName() != 'login')
<div>add some content some contnt </div> 

You need to make your condition right because you're comparing between url and string. Try this plz:

URL::current() != url('/')


I'd use routes names and in_array instead...

In your web.php

Route::get('/', ...)->name('home');
Route::get('/login', ...)->name('login');

Then you can do something like this

in_array(Route::currentRouteName(), ['home', 'login'])

You could also do:

request()->routeIs('categories') or request()->routeIs(['categories', 'services'])

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