Is there a command/macro/keyboard shortcut that will expand the region where the cursor is and expand all collapsed regions inside it (recursively) ? if not can that be achieved ?


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Short answer

As far as I know - No. There isn't a single shortcut that does that.

How to implement it by yourself

It's quite easy to create a plugin for Visual Studio that does exactly that:

  1. Get the cursor location.
  2. Store the 'start' and 'end' line numbers
  3. For each line:
    • If it contains a region - expand it.

Few examples to begin with:

Some of the projects are very close to the thing you have in mind, so you might even fork it and do your changes.


Another option

you might get the same result by using Macros for Visual Studio Editor/Recorder:

And then, write a macro like this one or maybe even record the steps you like to "run".

IMO, with recording and playing it will be a little harder to achieve. but I'll be happy to be proved wrong.


I had the same problem, the following worked for me without having to make a macro or a plugin. Note, this is only a partial solution to the problem. I got it to expand recursively underneath a function, but I'm not sure how to reverse it (i.e. recursively collapse everything under the function again). To recursively collapse everything again, I could only figure to use (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L), which collapses/expands everything in your file, but then you have to drill back down to the function you want.

Firstly, I got everything in a collapsed state by pressing (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L). You may have to use that combination twice to get everything to collapse. Then I expanded a class and drilled down to the function I wanted to work on.

With the function in its collapsed state, I highlighted the single collapsed row it was on and pressed (Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M).

Doing so recursively expanded everything under the function.

I hope this partial solution helps someone who doesn't want to make a macro or plugin.


I believe ctrl + k followed by ctrl+] should unfold all subregions

replacing the ] with [ should fold all subregions.

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