I have an Angular 8 app and working nice in dev mode, but if i do 'ng serve --prod' it's compiling without error but when launching the app i got this error in console :

ERROR Error: "Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: token is undefined getOrCreateInjectable/bloomHash<@http://localhost:4200/main.cf6fe5006f05f980ad3b.js:1:249524 getOrCreateInjectable@http://localhost:4200/main.cf6fe5006f05f980ad3b.js:1:249614 get@http://localhost:4200/main.cf6fe5006f05f980ad3b.js:1:254632 PlayerComponent@http://localhost:4200/main.cf6fe5006f05f980ad3b.js:1:726594 factory@http://localhost:4200/main.cf6fe5006f05f980ad3b.js:1:728189 getNodeInjectable@http://localhost:4200/main.cf6fe5006f05f980ad3b.js:1:253710 ...

Do you have an idea on how determine what's going wrong ? Reading the error i have my PlayerComponent called but there is nothing special in

import { Game, IsoScene } from 'src/app/tars/classes';
import { NavigatorService } from 'src/app/tars/services';
import { DataProvider, ElementProvider } from 'src/app/tars/providers';
import { ElementProvider as POCElementProvider } from 'src/app/services/element.provider';
import { IsoPlayerScene } from 'src/app/classes/scenes/iso';
import { InteractionsMenu } from 'src/app/interfaces';
import { DataProviderFactory } from 'src/app/services/dataProviders/factory.service';
import { OnReadyRenderer2DEvent, Interaction } from 'src/app/tars/interfaces';
import { TitleScene } from 'src/app/classes/scenes/title';

  selector: 'tars-player',
  templateUrl: './player.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./player.component.scss']
export class PlayerComponent {
  private rendererW: number;
  private rendererH: number;

  public get rendererHeight(): number {
    return this.rendererH;

  public get rendererWidth(): number {
    return this.rendererW;

  private game: Game;
  private navigatorService: NavigatorService;
  private dataProvider: DataProvider;
  private elementProvider: ElementProvider;

  private isoPlayer: IsoPlayerScene;
  public menuStructure: InteractionsMenu;

    private injector: Injector,
    private ngZone: NgZone
  ) {
    this.navigatorService = injector.get(NavigatorService);

    this.dataProvider = injector.get(DataProvider);

    this.elementProvider = injector.get(ElementProvider);


  rendererOnReady(event: OnReadyRenderer2DEvent) {
    // Create the game object
    this.game = new Game(this.injector, event.context);
    this.game.onLoaded.subscribe((res: boolean) => {
      // Ask current client size
      // Run the game (when ready inside)
      this.ngZone.runOutsideAngular(() => this.game.run());

    // Specific link
    this.isoPlayer = new IsoPlayerScene(this.injector, {name: 'world'}, event.context);
    this.isoPlayer.onInteractionsMenu.subscribe((structure: InteractionsMenu) => {
      this.ngZone.run(() => {
        if (structure) {
          this.menuStructure = structure;
        } else {

      new TitleScene(this.injector, {name: 'title'}, event.context),
      new IsoScene(this.injector, {name: 'loader'}, event.context),
    ], 'title', 'loader');

  // Listen the window resize event
  @HostListener('window:resize', ['$event'])
  onResize(event: any) {

  // Get the window/body size to set the graph size
  public refreshClientSize() {
    const browserSize = this.navigatorService.getClientSizeFromBrowser();
    this.rendererW = browserSize.width;
    this.rendererH = browserSize.height;
    this.navigatorService.setClientSize(browserSize.width, browserSize.height);

  // Keyboard management
  @HostListener('window:keydown', ['$event'])
  onKeyPress(event: any) {

  private resetInteractionsMenu() {
    this.menuStructure = {
      interactions: [],
      screenCoord: { screenX: 0, screenY: 0 }

  // Do interaction when menu selection is done and reset menu
  menuOnSelect(interaction: Interaction) {

Like i said, it's working in dev and i don't understand why --prod give this result.


It seems to be the line this.dataProvider.set(injector.get(DataProviderFactory.factory())); about the factory with the code below that break on --prod

export class DataProviderFactory {
  public static factory() {
    if (environment.dataOrigin === DataOrigin.Fake) {
      return Faker;
    } else {
      // ...

If i replace DataProviderFactory.factory() by Faker directly it's working. I read about some problem with Ivy and creatInjector but it seems not working.

Any idea ?

  • create a build using ng build --prod --optimizer you will get exactly where you get error Commented Feb 4, 2020 at 11:23
  • For me the error comes from bloomHash but nothing sure. Try the comment above and see if you can get some more details on it.
    – Maxime
    Commented Feb 4, 2020 at 11:31
  • With '$ ng build --prod --optimization' I got 3 warnings on unused files (like env.prod.ts) but no more details.
    – Killan
    Commented Feb 4, 2020 at 11:33
  • Question edited with more details, thanks all
    – Killan
    Commented Feb 4, 2020 at 14:15

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In the context of --prod, DataProviderFactory return a null value that the injector can't handle for tokenisation. So it fail, my bad. But the diplayed exception is not at all clear and helpfull. Hope this can help others.


I stumpled upon this question, because I had the same error.

In my case it was a stupid typo instead of marked.parse(text) I called marked.parser(text)

Might help anyone with the same cause who finds this questions as well

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