I have setup a Gatsby Client which connects to Contentful using the gatsby-source-contentful plugin. I have also connected a simple custom API which is connected using the gatsby-source-graphql plugin.

  • When I run the dev-server I am able to query my pages from Contentful in the playground.
  • I am also able to query my custom API through the playground as well.
  • So both APIs work and are connected with Gatsby properly.

I want to programatically generate a bunch of pages that have dynamic sections (references) which an author can add and order as she wishes.

I do achieve this using the ...on Node connection together with fragments I define within each dynamic section. It all works out well so far.

My actual problem:

Now I have a dynamic section which is a Joblist. This Component requires to get data out of the Contentful API as it stores values like latitude and longitude. So the author is free to set a point on a map and set a radius. I successfully get this information out of Contentful using a fragment inside the component:

export const query = graphql `
fragment JoblistModule on ContentfulJoblisteMitAdresse {
  ... on ContentfulJoblisteMitAdresse {
    geo {

But how can I pass this information in to another query that fetches the jobdata from my custom API? If I understand Gatsby correctly I somehow have to connect these two API's together? Or can I run another query somehow that fetches these values passed in as variables? How and where would I achieve this?

I could not find any approach neither inside the gatsby-node.js (since passed-in context can only be used as variables inside a query) nor in the template-file (since I can run only 1 query at a time), nor in the component itself (since this only accept staticQuery)

I don't know where my misunderstanding is. So I would very appreciate any hints, help or examples.

  • for dynamic queries - job seeker enters geo - gatsbyjs.org/docs/data-fetching (you can query graphql using post/json) ... below link for using apollo (for dynamics) inside gatsby – xadm Feb 4 at 22:24

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