Is it possible to wait until an element is visible?

cy.get('[data-test=submitIsVisible]').should('be.visible'); should error if the submit button is not visible. I want to wait until the submit button is visible. (the primary use case is visual testing, i.e. taking a screenshot of the page)

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    Are you saying this does not work? It looks like it should. Can you give more context, like what the page HTML is and what causes the button to go from invisible to visible.
    – user12697177
    Feb 4 '20 at 21:10
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    @MarionMorrison I just misread the docs, if the accepted answer below is correct (I haven't fully tested) then that's great Feb 5 '20 at 2:25

You can wait for the element to be visible like so:

// Give this element 10 seconds to appear
cy.get('[data-test=submitIsVisible]', { timeout: 10000 }).should('be.visible');

According to Cypress's Documentation:

DOM based commands will automatically retry and wait for their corresponding elements to exist before failing.

Cypress offers you many robust ways to query the DOM, all wrapped with retry-and-timeout logic.

Other ways to wait for an element’s presence in the DOM is through timeouts. Cypress commands have a default timeout of 4 seconds, however, most Cypress commands have customizable timeout options. Timeouts can be configured globally or on a per-command basis. Check the customizable timeout options list here.

In some cases, your DOM element will not be actionable. Cypress gives you a powerful {force:true} option you can pass to most action commands.

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    I've tested a negative and .should('be.visible') seems to mean it is visible on the page (not necessarily the viewport). I thought it worth pointing that out as I am testing a scrollIntoView implementation and this returned true even when the element was not in the viewport. Apr 7 at 12:20

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