I am trying to make /oauth2/token API call from reactjs fronted and getting CORS error.

My friend asked the same question and got answer for the same also. Please open the link for solution.

WSO2 IS returns CORS error when wrong credentials sent

But when I am trying to perform the same in WSO2IS 5.9.0 the configuration is getting overwritten to the default config. How to perform this in 5.9.0 using deployment.toml file?

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    Can you mention the file and the configuration you are trying to add? – Buddhima Udaranga Feb 5 at 7:01
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    As asked on that answer, you need to update web.xml.j2. That won't get replaced. – Bee Feb 5 at 7:25
  • I want to change configuration of tomcat server and add the filters for CORS in web.xml file – Aman Prakash Feb 5 at 8:11
  • I am not sure about web.xml or web.xml.j2 when i opened up the folder i was able to only see web.xml and there was no file as web.xml.j2..............is it a problem? – Aman Prakash Feb 5 at 8:12
  • Please help to resolve the problem guys........ – Aman Prakash Feb 5 at 8:13

As I have mentioned in that earlier answer you need to add the given tomcat filter in the web.xml.j2 file in the path repository/resources/conf/templates/repository/conf/tomcat. The .j2 files will not get replaced by the deployment.toml at the server startup.

  • Thanks mam and i have added * in origin of the application but still there is no changes. Can you plesae help regarding the same? – Aman Prakash Feb 5 at 9:04
  • Instead of allowing all the origins can you specify your application's origin and see. To read further about CORS filter you may refer to CORS Filter and HttpServletRequest attributes – Nipuni Paaris Feb 6 at 3:54

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